Technologický Park Brno, a.s.

Technická 15
616 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Technology park, GPS position: 49˚13'33.069"N, 16˚34'37.165"E


The Technology Park is located in the Czech Republic’s second City of Brno at the very heart of Central Europe. The City of Brno provides excellent location advantages for modern businesses operating within the existing European Union and the progressive economies of Central and Eastern Europe.

A mainline railway corridor provides connection to the European rail network and Brno’s international airport at Tuřany is 10km south east of the city centre and provides direct scheduled services to several international destinations.

Transport connection

The Technology Park is well served by public transport from the City centre with two tram lines (No. 12 and 13) and several bus routes serving the development with a dedicated service within the Park itself (bus No. 53). The Park´s area is  equipped with a high ratio of on-site car parking. A recently completed tram line extension into the heart of the Technology Park terminates immediately adjacent to the second phase Central Zone.

The location is also easily accessible by car with a new junction to the Hradecka Higway connecting to Brno´s ring road and motorway network.




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