To date Phase I of the park has been completed which provides 56,500 m2 and Phase in a series of individual buildings across two zones.

Phase I:

  • Zone A covers 5 hectares of land and has five completed office buildings totalling 30 500 m2
  • Zone B covers 5,5 hectares of land and has five completed mixed use high–tech production facilities totalling 26 000 m2.
Phase II:
  • Central Zone - the first two buildings A and B has been built and provide 6 894 m2 of office space. 
By moving your cursor over individual buildings on the plan below it is possible to view images of the buildings and information about their occupiers.
Map for download in PDF
Technology park, GPS position: 49˚13'33.069"N, 16˚34'37.165"E
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