Československá obchodní banka, a. s.

ČSOB is a hundred per cent subsidiary of KBC Bank NV. The sole owner of KBC Bank is KBC Group NV. Both companies are based in Brussels, Belgium.


Československá obchodní banka, a. s. (ČSOB) is a general bank in the Czech Republic. In 1964 it was founded by the government as a bank providing services in foreign trade and free currency operations in the Czechoslovak market. In June 1999 it was privatised and the Belgian KBC Bank became its majority shareholder (sole shareholder since 2007) which is a full subsidiary of KBC Group, an international banking and insurance group. In June 2000 ČSOB took over Investiční a poštovní banka (IPB). Until the end of 2007 ČSOB operated both in Czech and Slovak markets; the Slovak branch was transformed into an independent legal entity on 1 January 2008. Since 1 January 2013 KBC Group consolidated its activities in key markets into three business divisions – Belgium, Czech Republic (including all KBC activities in the Czech Republic) and International Markets.


ČSOB offers services to all client segments, i. e. natural persons, small and medium-sized businesses,  corporate and institutional clients. In retail banking in the Czech Republic the bank is active under three brands: ČSOB (branches), Era (financial centres) and Poštovní spořitelna (Czech Post offices).


ČSOB offers to its clients a wide range of banking products and services including the products and services of other ČSOB Group companies.

The ČSOB Group consists of the bank and companies associated with the bank. The ČSOB financial group includes strategic companies in the Czech Republic directly or indirectly controlled by ČSOB or KBC offering financial services: Hypoteční banka, ČSOB Pojišťovna, Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, ČSOB Penzijní společnost, ČSOB Leasing, ČSOB Asset Management, ČSOB Factoring and the Patria Group.

In addition to standard banking services the ČSOB Group product portfolio (Czech Republic division) includes:

  • financing of housing (mortgage loans and building society lending),
  • insurance products,
  • pension funds,
  • collective financing products and asset management,
  • special services (leasing and factoring),
  • services associated with equities trading in financial markets,

The ČSOB Group strives to develop a strong and long-term partnership with each client in the sphere of personal and family finance, in SME finance as well as in corporate finance. The ČSOB Group listens closely to the needs of its clients and rather than mere products it offers the best solutions.

Československá obchodní banka, a. s.

Purkyňova 646/107
61200 Brno

info.brn-purkynova@csob.cz www.csob.cz