PFM Greenvia, s.r.o.

The Greenvia team of gardeners takes care of the green areas and interior plants in offices.

We design business park green areas, public spaces, private gardens and office plants. As well as new projects we design the renovation of planted greenery. It is important for us to understand from the start how our clients want to present themselves.

We implement our projects with the aim not to disturb operations. Our priority is not to interfere with the client’s everyday operations. We take into consideration the budget, needs and line of business of our clients.

Our maintenance focuses on preserving the functionality and appearance of the projects. We tend to plants in offices, take care of green areas, prune greenery on playgrounds and in other areas. In the concept of maintenance we always respect the wishes of our clients as to how they want to shape their space.

PFM Greenvia, s.r.o.

Podnikatelská 2902/4
61200 Brno

+420 608 424 077