PONT MARKET (JPServis, a.s.)

Since its establishment in 1995, JPServis, a.s. has been operating convenience stores all over the Czech Republic. This format of small retail outlets offers customers better comfort for shopping and consumption of goods following the current trends in the world and in the Czech Republic. The modern design of the stores and customer orientation correspond with the changing lifestyle that requires fast and convenient shopping and using free time for leisure. PONT makes this possible. The PONT network served almost 9 million satisfied customers in 22 stores in the Czech Republic in 2009.


The goal of the company is to continue developing new stores at important transport and urban hubs and thus increase the comfort of shopping and to improve the image of existing stores. Our standard is a large variety of packaged and fresh goods. Our stores are being equipped with baking ovens, machines for making brand bean coffee and distribution of fresh vegetable and fruit salads.


Our primary goal is to make sure that every customer finds what they need and is absolutely satisfied with the provided service. This is why we are able to cater for demanding customers who seek organic, sugar-free or gluten-free products. PONT is there for everyone.

PONT MARKET (JPServis, a.s.)

Purkyňova 646/107
61200 Brno

+420 511 187 008 hana.kralova@jpservis.com http://www.ponty.cz/pont/