Zebra Technologies CZ s.r.o.

Zebra Technologies operating in the Czech Republic under the name Symbol Technologies Czech Republic, s.r.o., follows up on the long history of Motorola which established its Prague office in 1992. In 1993 Motorola opened its first development centre for integrated circuits in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm which was later, in 2004, acquired by Freescale Polovodiče Česká republika. Since 1995 it operated in the Czech Republic under the name Motorola s.r.o., in 2011 the name changed to Motorola Solutions CZ, s.r.o. An important acquisition took place in 2014 when Zebra Technologies acquired from Motorola a part of the company that focuses on business customers. This included the Czech legal entity named Symbol Technologies Czech Republic, s.r.o. which has been part of Zebra Technologies since October 2014.

Zebra Technologies employs almost 350 people of whom some are a part of the team based in the Prague office and most of them work at the Shared Service Centre in Brno.

The structure of the Shared Service Centre in Brno is as follows. The key departments operate within Europe, and EMEA countries (Middle East and Africa):

  • Customer Centre
    • Customer Support
    • Service Agreements
    • Order Processing
  • Centre of Shared Financial Services
    • Main Book
    • Received Invoices
    • Issued Invoices

The Customer Support department provides technical and non-technical support to customers. It is available Monday to Friday 11 hours per day and it communicates in 10 languages.

The non-technical support consists mainly of telephone and e-mail communication regarding inquiries associated with the repairs, payments for repairs, guarantee repairs, logistics and online portal administration processing electronic repair orders.

The technical support is responsible for addressing technical inquiries from customers pertaining to three main product groups – mobile computers, wireless technology, bar code readers. If necessary, customer centre staff visit customers in order to find solutions tailored to the customer’s specific conditions.

The Service Agreements department is responsible for activities involving direct (telephone and e-mail) contacts with customers regarding guarantee and post-guarantee periods, signing new service agreements and their subsequent administration, such as modifications, extensions, terminations, etc.

The Order Processing department is the main point of contact for customers who wish to order hardware or software from the company’s portfolio. One of the key responsibilities of order administrators is to provide comprehensive information to customers as well as sales representatives and thus maintain good relations with business partners and support sales. In addition to processing orders the department is responsible for the administration of customer accounts, processing leases and returns of goods, credits and new invoices and training of customers for systems that enable them to place orders online.

The Main Book department within the Shared Service Centre keeps accounting records of 20 companies in 12 countries. The key responsibilities of this department are complete monthly financial statements as per the timetable and balance sheet rules.

The Received Invoices department is mainly responsible for processing invoices received from external and internal customers.

The Issued Invoices department issues invoices for delivered repairs and reminds customers if their payments are delayed and it checks the sales credit limits of individual customers.

Other departments within the Shared Service Centre are, for example, a contact centre for potential business partners, quality management and other supporting departments.

Zebra Technologies CZ s.r.o.

Kolejní 2971/1
61200 Brno

+420 533 336 060 http://www.zebra.com