Bees in Technology Park!


Save the bees!

The sunny first spring weekend of this year became an important day for EPRIN, a company residing in Technology Park Brno-Královo Pole. The company employees along with members of the Brontosaurus movement were probably the first technology company to start their own bee colony. Yes, a company with a pure technology focus which has been operating in the field of automatic identification, robotics and automation for 26 years decided to keep bees.

The first bee hives were placed symbolically near the company seat on the premises of Technology Park which was only too happy to support this project.

However surprising this may sound, honey from urban bees is often purer than that in the country. According to studies, urban bees have significantly better conditions for survival in the winter, they produce more honey and generally are healthier than bees in the country.

In the city, these melliferous insects are less jeopardised by pesticides than those living in the agricultural rural areas.

By nature, bees do not attack people, they are not interested in them at all. Bees are economically oriented creatures whose only activity and focus is to process natural products.

The bee’s radius of action is around 5km from the hive. Bees are highly intelligent and it is assumed that they are not at all attracted to the windows, airconditioned rooms or other civilised areas. If the conditions are extremely unfavourable it is possible to adopt measures in the form of hedgerows that make the bees reach their flight level right after leaving the hive.

We are happy to have such an interesting project at Technology Park and hope that the bees will be happy with us here.