Technologický Park cooperates with the following institutions:

Jihomoravské inovační centrum (JIC) – South Moravian Innovation Centre – provides a complete infrastructure for innovative businesses in the South Moravian region. It supports innovation, science, research and development as well as students with original ideas. It offers financing, contacts, offices and professional consultations to promising projects. As one of the key activities JIC operates business incubators and develops further incubators to support such up-and-coming businesses. Incubators for starting businesses concentrate several supporting tools in a single place. With a focus on biotechnology JIC also runs the site which has become the main indicator and source of information for all activities in the field of biotechnology in the Czech Republic.

Centrum sportovních aktivit (CESA) – Centre of Sports Activities – is a university institute, a part of the Brno University of Technology. Focusing on physical training and sports at the university it offers year-round activities for students, university employees and the public at its state-of-the-art sport grounds. TPB connects its client companies with CESA so that they can make use of the sport grounds.

CEITEC is a centre of excellence in the fields of live sciences and advanced materials and technologies the main objective of which is to develop an important European centre of research and education with cutting edge facilities and conditions for the best scientists in Brno. CEITEC was approved by the European Commission on 6 June 2011 and was developed as a joint project of six most important Brno universities and research institutes with the support of the South Moravian region and the city of Brno. Its sponsors are Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University in Brno, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno, Veterinary Research Institute and Institute of Material Physics of the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences.

AdMaS (Advanced Materials, Structures and Technologies) is a modern centre of science and a comprehensive research institute in the field of civil engineering which is part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology. It focuses on research, development and application of advanced building materials, structures and technologies in civil engineering as well as in transport systems and urban infrastructure.