The masterplan divides the park into several zones that will be gradually developed in phases with the resulting total built-up area of 190,000 m2. Offices, high-tech production facilities, retail and services as well as residental areas will be developed across the entire surface of the zones. They are development zones with a low density featuring a great proportion of green parks. In addition, the park is surrounded by natural green areas and protected landscape which makes the whole site thoroughly pleasurable.


To date, the first phase of the construction was realized. The phase provides a total of 56,500 m2 of space for rent. Construction of Phase II., so called Central Zone, has been started.

Phase I.

Zone A covers an area of 5 hectares and a total of five administrative buildings, which offer 30,500 m2 of office space.

Zone B covers an area of 5 hectares and we can find five mixed-use buildings here, which are suitable especially for light high-tech production with a total lettable area of 26,000 m2.

Phase II.

Central Zone – so far, the first three office buildings have been built out of a total of eight. Buildings A, B and C together cover an area of 11 035 m2.


Phase III. a Phase VI.