B:TECH, a.s.

As a Czech engineering company we have been in the automation business since 2000. During the years we have gathered extensive know-how in the field of automation and project management, we have established a reliable team of engineers and acquired many satisfied customers. We have delivered projects in over 50 countries worldwide. Our services are available to customers namely in the following industries:

  • Water treatment and ecologisation
  • Food and drinks production
  • Renewable sources of energy
  • Power generation
  • Automotive
  • Technologies for logistics

We develop our business with a long-term outlook. We have experienced success on our journey, learned from mistakes and strive for continuous improvement. We do ethical business and thus help to cultivate our business environment. We look into the future with optimism and look forward to cooperating with you.

B:TECH, a.s.

Podnikatelská 2902/4
61200 Brno

+420 569 777 777 http://www.btech.cz