DATRON-TECHNOLOGY s.r.o. has been in business since 1995. The company operating in the Czech and Slovak Republics specialises in CNC machine tools for high-speed cutting of non-ferrous metals and plastics, measurements of vehicle dynamics and related information technology.

We offer CNC cutting and coating systems by the German DATRON AG which find their place in precision cutting, drilling and engraving applications in many industries – production of front panels and cabinets and various equipment, profile working, tooling, printing blocks as well as production of designer prototypes and products for promotion, applications for the preparation of tooth replacements and implants.

The company also represents CSM GmbH and RaceLogic companies offering turnkey solutions for the measurement of road and rail vehicle dynamics. We are able to deliver sensors for the measurement of trajectory, speed, temperature, acceleration, pressure and systems for the evaluation of obtained data as well as special software for your specific tasks.

The company’s operation is ensured by a team of highly qualified workers with experience in the fields of high-speed machining, cutting tools, information technology, telecommunication and data communication and measuring systems.

Our advantage is a quick reaction to the operational needs of the customer, great variability and operability in the implementation of projects. Our workers involved in the delivery are diligent and directly interested in the quality of work delivered on time.