The Vega rocket with the Brno dispenser successfully completed its mission

BRNO, September 3, 2020:

On September 3, 2020, at 3:51 a.m., the VEGA rocket successfully launched from the spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. This event will go down in history thanks to the fact that the carrier of the Brno company S.A.B. Aerospace, which launched 53 satellites into space at once. These were deployed to your planned positions 1 hour 45 minutes after launch.

During its flight, the Vega was powered by four stages of propulsion. The first three stages separated into the sea in 6 minutes and 30 seconds. 84 seconds later, Vega first set fire to its fourth AVUM stage, which gave you nine minutes after launching to a height of 250 kilometers. Before separating the first part of the cargo mounted on the Czech dispenser, AVUM proved two ignitions, to achieve the required paths for the launch of seven satellites. Then two more ignitions appeared and launched another 46 satellites. Less than two hours permanently before all 53 satellites are gradually separated.

The Vega rocket is part of ESA’s strategy to prepare Europe for an independent, inexpensive, reliable and decisive approach to space, which will cover the great demands of all those interested and declare cargo in orbit. It is 30 meters high with a diameter of 3 meters and weighs 137 tons. Vega complements the heavy Ariane and Soyuz rockets, also launched from the European spaceport located near the northeastern coast of South America in French Guiana.

The universe is opening up to commercial flights

Successful launch of the VEGA rocket and the correct launch of all satellites from the dispenser into orbit, that the technology will be fully functional in Brno and can fulfill its commercial potential. There are hundreds of customers waiting with their satellites for a flight into space – from universities, research laboratories, state institutions to private companies. Italian Vega with a Czech carrier thus opens the gateway to space for all the mentioned organizations. Until the end of this year, S.A.B. Aerospace deliver two more carriers – one for the flight in late autumn and the other in December.

About company:

S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o. is the largest Czech company dedicated to the development and production of components, testing and assembly design for international organizations, space agencies and private companies that have long been active in the space industry. In 2004, SAB Aerospace Srl was established. based in Benevento, Italy, and in 2014 a Czech subsidiary, S.A.B. Aerospace, which soon after its establishment in the Brno South Moravian Innovation Center starts development and production of the VEGA launch vehicle dispenser and component for the Carrier Module from the Exo Mars 2020 project. One of the results of cooperation with Czech and international partners is that designate for testing and deliver biological samples to the International Space Station. In August 2019, S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o. creates an independent company within the S.A.B. holding, led by Petr Kapoun, and wins a key contract for the development and construction of the PLATO spacecraft support module, a medium-sized scientific mission within the European Space Agency.